Constance Tsarabanjina – Madagascar

7 Nights
01 May - 30 September 2016
From R51 409
An Island without any sound in the background other than that of the waves and the birds; an Island with colorful sunsets "spread against the sky". An Island where one pampers oneself by resting, by relaxing, with sports, massages and...
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Anjajavy L’ Hotel

5 Nights
01 - 18 December 2015
From R28 509
Madagascar is one of the last remaining unspoilt oases on the planet, home to lemurs, chameleons, tortoises... the list goes on forever. Anjajavy, located on the west coast of this unique island is the only hotel in the country to be part of the world renowned Relais & Chateaux group. You are assured of the finest luxury and superb service.
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Tsara Komba

7 nights
01 September - 18 December 2013
From R28 010
If you're looking for a holiday which has that "off the beaten track" feel but still offers great service and stunning surroundings, Tsara Komba is the perfect option!
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